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Creating Collaborative Partnerships by Opening Doors


Consultants for Children (CFC) provides workshops designed and customized for your Individual Interests & Needs.  We utilize the core philosophies of andragogical principals.  Andragogy is the art and science of facilitating learning for adults with a focus on self-directed, competency based learning.  Adults learn differently than children and require opportunities to share their own life experiences as part of the learning process.  As the foundation of our business, Andragogy adds the core values in which CFC provides their supports and services.

The five building blocks of Andragogy are infused within every workshop that we provide:

  1. Focus on the Individual Learner – We provide pre-surveys before every workshop to find out what each participant already knows, wants to know, what has worked, what hasn’t worked on the particular topic for the workshop.  Once we receive the pre-survey’s then we build our presentation around the needs of the participants attending the workshop for that session.

  2. Learner Community – Our workshops are open to anyone that wants to learn about the topic as this provides different perspectives at the workshop.  It’s all about the participants attending, the life experiences they bring and the engagement that takes place during the learning process.

  3. Content/Curriculum – CFC utilizes evidence based principles and strategies throughout the workshops with a focus on meeting participants where they are and taking them to the next level of learning.  It’s not necessarily about content but how we can make information meaningful/applicable to each participant so they can then be intrinsically motivated to take charge of their own learning. 

  4. Physical Environment – It is very important to have a learning space that allows participants to feel comfortable to learn and take risks in the learning process. 

  5. Teacher/Methods – The Andragogy principals focuses on self-reflection and self-evaluation during the learning process.  CFC provides a way throughout the workshop day to include self-reflection activities to assist the learner in evaluating their own learning style and acquisition.  Critical thinking, perspective gathering and transfer of learning to daily life are just three of the many core components.


  • Support and mentor each learner to determine what they want to get out of the experience.

  • Challenge them to be critical thinkers and look at all perspectives.

  • Encourage risk taking in their learning experiences while building a trusting learning environment.

  • Provide vision to learners on where they have been as well as where they want to go in the future. 

An Interactive & Learner-Directed Experience You Will Never Forget!




Certified Training Partners with IBCCES

CFC provides the 14 CEU’s (continuing education units) that is required by IBCCES for certification eligibility. This 2 Day Intensive Workshop covers the ten areas of autism competencies required by IBCCES to become a Certified Autism Specialist:

  1. Autism Overview

  2. Behavior

  3. Communication

  4. Social Skills

  5. Environment

  6. Emotional Awareness & Bullying

  7. Sensory Awareness

  8. Program Development

  9. Motor Skills

  10. Medical & Health Consideration

*Register today for one of our upcoming Autism workshops!

From the Inside Looking Out: 

Understanding the Unique Qualities of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders/Developmental Disabilities


This workshop will prepare you for the online autism competency exam that IBCCES requires. As a training partner, CFC can offer you a 20% discount on the certification fee. To apply for your certification, go to www.certifiedautismspecialist.com and enter the coupon code CFC20 to receive your discount.